Living and working in containers.

The usage of our office modules ranges from temporary offices or box offices at festivals, through locker rooms for sports clubs to break rooms or canteens. Even temporary schools and emergency rooms are constructed with containers nowadays. Bloedorn Container furnishes office modules by request and according to the intended usage. A wide variety of furniture is available for this purpose. All of our office modules are equipped with electric heating, Schuko sockets, lighting and big windows.

Bloedorn Container offers office modules with the external dimensions 20 feet (6 m) and 10 feet (3 m) for hire. Both versions are 2,438 m wide and 2,80 m high. The interior height amounts to 2,50 m. The roof, floor and walls are insulated for energy saving. We keep our container stock up-to-date in matters of technology and energy efficiency with continuous purchases of new units.

Individually assembled container complex.

Several containers can be put together easily, for all exterior walls of our office modules are exchangeable. The results are unique and very spacious container complexes in a minimum of time, as desired by the customer. Even two-story container buildings are possible, since our containers are stackable and we also offer staircases. Bloedorn Container provides office modules in different sizes thanks to our cooperation with specialized contractors. Many used office units are also for sale. Contact us – we’ll find a suitable office module for your requirements.

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