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From Dortmund to the Ruhr region.

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Bloedorn Container is founded in 1996 by Rainer Bloedorn and Mathias Weber with the goal of supplying containers to the Ruhr Region at reasonable prices. The company grows quickly and caters to customers’ requests of customizing containers already in its initial years.

In 2002 the company moves from its location in the North of Dortmund to the new headquarters near the airport. Björn Henkel joins the company in 2006 as a shareholder. As a result of the fast growing container trade, the then three associates commission the building of a workshop with an adjoining laydown area for containers on the property across the new offices. This construction has since then facilitated both the container customization and the increase of containers in stock.

The container family is growing.

Since 2009 Bloedorn Container purchases all new shipping containers directly from a Chinese manufacturer. These new containers receive the prefix “BCGU” for identification purposes. Used containers are also purchased directly from ocean carriers and leasing companies since that year.

Over the years, several wholesalers and export merchants have been trained in our company and become our current employees. This is why we consider Bloedorn Container a family business.